Things Our Patients Say

“As a former professional athlete, I spent years punishing my body and demanding more than it could withstand. The result was a lower back fusion with plates and screws, neck fusions, a hip replacement, among various other orthopedic surgeries. Since coming to Interventional Pain Institute 5 years ago I have experienced relief in various increments while continuing to battle a deteriorating spinal condition along with arthritis. Once injections no longer afforded any relief for the chronic pain, Dr. Sharma recommended considering Medtronic Neurostim Therapy. The initial procedure for a temporary implant was not at all painful and very participatory on my part to give input on when and where I was experiencing the stim sensations. While wearing the implant for two days during the “test” phase I experienced fantastic relief, was able to do just about anything I wanted to around the house and even went for a long pain-free walk which I hadn’t been able to do for months. My wife said my posture had straightened up for the first time in months and I walked around with a smile. The worst part of the entire procedure was having to remove the implant at the end of the test phase because I didn’t want to give up the relief. I am now looking forward to a permanent implant and moving ahead with a new outlook on life. What other type of major surgery or medical procedure allows you to test the results before an actual long-term commitment? I am very thankful to Dr. Sharma and the staff at Interventional Pain Institute for taking such personal care and interest in my well-being and their professional expertise in restoring my quality of life.” — E. Bouline

“I am currently a patient at Interventional Pain Institute and I have to tell you that for the past three years, they have been exceptional. From the warm and friendly greeting that you receive when you walk through the door to the time, care and concern that the doctors take with me. The staff as a whole are just wonderful and they make me feel very comfortable, supported, trusting and hopeful with each visit. I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else for treatment. After suffering with pain for almost 10 years and having been to other pain doctors, this is the first time that I actually can say that I am feeling better. I even referred my grandmother here after she had no luck anywhere else. If I can trust them with my grandmother I know that they are the best of the best. Thank you to IPI for all that you have done for me!!” — T. Martin

“He has the biggest heart ever. Dr. Sharma is the most wonderful Doctor I have had to help me with my back problem. I got hurt almost 17 years ago at work and no Doctor in my area (Cumberland, MD) would take me, but Doctor Sharma did and he still is working with me. Every time I know I won’t be fixed, he makes it easy for me to have some less pain in my life.” — K. Twigg

“After having the ablation done, I was able to stand in the tub to bathe myself. I did not have to use any assistive devices like rails or any other assistance. I bathed without having to sit or kneel in the tub which is a BIG step for me! I highly recommend this procedure to anyone with chronic back pain.” — T. Lester

“To Dr. Sharma & his awesome medical staff: Today Dr. Sharma gave me trigger point injections which immediately started to work. I was able to bend and touch my toes. All I could do is cry. I am so very thankful and appreciate all he has done to make living with fibromyalgia adjustable. I appreciate the staff and am so thankful.” — L. King

“I have suffered from lower back pain for the past 10 years. I received treatment and surgery from Dr. Sharma, and I am completely satisfied with the results. It is the one thing that has worked.” — S. MacMillan

“The staff is very nice, helpful, and understands my problem. The doctors here are helping to fix a problem that others could not.” — T. Wise

“The injections I received worked very quickly. The paint went from 7-8 down to a 3-4. Thank you!”  — M. Xenos